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crooked fence farm

Putney Vermont

Farmer: Betsey Maclsaac

Sheep Breed: Romeldale-CVM

How many sheep do you have?

I currently have 36 Romeldale~CVM sheep, a rare, critically endangered breed.

How long have you been raising sheep?

I have been shepherding for 10 years.

Why did you choose this particular breed of sheep rather than another sheep breed?

I chose to raise this breed for several reasons. They are medium sized and easy to manage. It is rewarding to help preserve this wonderful breed. Although we are not certified, we practice organic management of the farm.

Are there particular qualities of the wool of the breeds that you carry that is different from other sheep?

Their fleece is very fine with great crimp, next- to- skin soft with lots of memory. The Romeldale has a solid color fleece in a range of colors, white, black and everything in between. CVM's have variegated fleece.

Do you raise the alpacas that you blend the sheep wool with? 

Our wool is processed into roving and yarn in Richmond Vermont at Hampton Mill. When we blend, they source the alpaca for us from a local alpaca farm.

Are you a knitter? 

I knit as well as other fiber related interests. First and foremost I am dedicated to the care of our animals and the stewardship of the land.

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